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Twenty years ago this evening I was rushing around like a crazy person, trying to finish decorating the church while checking the music while folding programs while barking out orders to the rest of my bridal party like they were members of some unfortunate chain gang.  Somehow we all got past that crazy night and even managed to get through the next day, too.  Most of those involved that day are even still speaking to me… Thanks to each and every one of you (you know who you are!).

There are a lot of funny stories from that day, and from our first few years as a married couple.  Well – at least we think they’re funny NOW.

I could tell you about how my brand new husband, behind the wheel of our honeymoon vehicle, chauffeured his brand new bride out of the church parking lot, drove a few blocks and turned straight into a car wash where he fed pocket change into a machine and wiped the car clean of all tale tell signs that would have let others on the road to Gatlinburg know that we were “Just Married.”  NOW I know that he did it because we were in a borrowed car and he felt nervous about driving it with all that junk on the windshield.  But at the time all I could think about was my childish, bratty self – and how disappointed I felt at not being able to arrive at our honeymoon destination with signage in tow.  So silly…NOW.

Or I could tell you about our first anniversary, and the fact that my sweet, broke college student of a husband penny pinched and somehow figured out a way to buy me a wonderful, heartfelt gift that reflected his nostalgic memories of our early dating.  At the time I didn’t respond well at all when I opened the package and saw the contents of his mysterious box… A Fry Daddy.  I wish I could take back my reaction that day – spoiled, immature and self-centered.  You see, my husband is one of the last true romantics, and that first anniversary gift meant that he remembered how much we’d enjoyed sharing our favorite buffalo wings during early dates together… and that he planned to recreate those special wings for me with the new fry daddy.  If only I’d known then what I know NOW.

There are dozens and dozens of other stories from our twenty years together, and many of them lead to similar conclusions.  What I know NOW, after having been with this man and sharing my life with him all these years is THIS:  Bob Tankersley is the most spiritual, most creative, most romantic, most spontaneous, most respectable, most loving man a woman could ever hope to marry.  He is Home to me, my anchor in the storm, and my sense of humor when I’ve forgotten how to laugh.  Sometimes he’s my conscience when I’m tempted to cut corners.  Often he is my inspiration when I feel like my river has run dry.  He is, quite simply, my best friend.  So, on this eve of our 20th Wedding Anniversary – I would like to say to the world that I would marry this man again in a heartbeat!  So, Mr. Tankersley, tell me:  What are you doing for the NEXT twenty years?…



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What if the followers of Jesus…

  • made sure no one was homeless, BEFORE they built a church building?
  • made sure every kid had shoes, BEFORE they started a Youth Ministry?
  • made sure no one was hungry, BEFORE they celebrated communion?
  • made sure no elderly person was truly alone, BEFORE they hired a preacher?
  • made sure the needs of their community were satisfied, BEFORE they decided what worship style they would have?
  • welcomed everyone as Christ, BEFORE they started buying property for a “satellite campus”?
  • made sure they were fulfilling the words of Christ, BEFORE they decided who they didn’t fellowship with?

What if?

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