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A Quiet House…

A quiet house usually isn’t a bother to us. We like a quiet house. Things around here don’t usually get very loud, and we like it that way.  Although we’ve worked with and around kids for years, we were never blessed with any of our own.  Over all we’ve settled into a pretty comfortable routine after 20 years. The loudest our house usually gets comes around the full moon when our cats instinctually seem to know that these are the few nights of the month that they absolutely must make as much racket as possible.

No, a quiet house isn’t really a bother…until it is.

Tonight we came home to a very quiet house. It’s been a “loud” few days. For the better part of the past week, we’ve had members of our “chosen family” from North Carolina. This family is some of our oldest and closest friends, and this morning they left to go home. We had (as always) a great week – visiting, catching up, being a refuge for each other and exploring new places around the state.

But now it’s quiet. I’ll get used to it again, but for now…

     I miss the excited chatter of young girls,

     the “clinking” of extra plates around the dinner table,

     the hours of moving discussions,

     and the laughter of a family once again reunited.

No, a quiet house isn’t really a bother…until it is.


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Sharon at the HermitageToday is a special day in our household. My beautiful wife, Sharon, is turning 40!

She has been my best friend for many years, and wife for nearly 20 (this August). She has been by my side through many incredible and some not-so-incredible times. She is my rock, my partner, and simply the best person that I know.

I pray that you, too, will someday be blessed by her bright smile, her giving heart, and her quickness to forgive and forget.

Happy birthday, my Beloved!

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