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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about impressions.  This photo was taIMG_0824ken while visiting Dry Falls, NC.  I noticed that a wet leaf had fallen on the ground and stayed in one spot long enough to leave its mark.  The sun dried the leaf and the wind blew it away, so that all that was left was this impression of the leaf.  But even though the original leaf was gone, there was no mistaking that it had been there.  Its beauty and shape had left its mark as a wonderful reminder of what had been.  This made me wonder – What kind of impression is left in my wake?  After I’ve spent time in a place, do I leave behind a beautiful impression… or don’t I?   I made a promise to myself that day at Dry Falls:  I will pay attention to the impression I leave as I pass through this life.  I want my lasting mark to represent all that is beautiful and glorious and good about my Creator.         – sharon


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As a couple, we often find that our view of life is a bit unique.  PerhIMG_0499aps it’s because we both tend to look through life’s window with a slightly different perspective than others.  Or perhaps it’s simply because we are both slightly off-center.  Our journey together began when we were very young.  For over twenty years now we have criss-crossed the country together, in search of adventure and in service to our Creator.  What a ride it has been!

Now, as we embark on the next stage of life (dare I say… Middle Age) it seems appropriate to begin this new experiment of shared voice.  Whenever you have time, feel free to stop by and read our latest musings.  Perhaps you can view life through our unique window and learn something new… or simply laugh at our off-centeredness.  Either way, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to linger for a few moments, to breathe and to rest from the frantic pace of life.  Please Enjoy!

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